Baldness in men explained

Many men suffer from it. And not every man likes to be bald. What exactly is baldness and what can be done about it? Read more in this article what baldness, also known by its scientific name, androgenetic alopecia, is exactly and how it is caused. You can also read in this article which medicine you can use to reduce your baldness.


Why men are bald

Men suffering from baldness, which is also known by the scientific name androgenetic alopecia, because there is an enzyme, the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, that causes testosterone to be converted to dihydrotestosterone. The latter hormone has the property that it will slightly increase the man’s prostate. Many men experience this later in life and then get the drug finasteride to shrink the prostate. After several years of being administered and a number of investigations it was discovered that the drug is also effective against baldness (androgenetic alopecia).


Research to combat hair loss

Many studies have been done to combat alopecia. This form of androgenetic receives a lot of attention because many men do not like to be bald. Studies have shown that the use of this drug called finasteride can avoid alopecia. With this medicine the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is inhibited with the result that hair loss will occur more slowly.


Alopecia can be well controlled

Androgenetic alopecia can be well controlled with finasteride in Propecia and Proscar, among others. The drug has proven itself for many years as an effective remedy for hair loss. It is important that the user is aware that there are also side effects of this medicine usage. For example, the drug may cause impotence as well as problems with ejaculation. It is always the question for a balding man what is more important, avoid fighting his baldness or any potential resulting problems with potency.


Where can you buy these pills?

The drug can be ordered via online shops, but it can also be obtained by prescription. When the decision has been made to order finasteride through an online shop it is important to know whether the tablets that you order is a pure kind and thus of good quality. At Staysharpandhealthy you can purchase via their online shop finasteride which is guaranteed pure and intended for alopecia. This online shop ships the pills without delivery costs.

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