My experience with finasteride and hair loss…

My testimonial

At the moment of this writing, I am 33 years old and I have been living and working in China for almost 8 years. When I had the age of 21 I started to lose hair on my temples and my hairline receded. It was also noticeable by the amount of hairs that I would find under my bed which would intertwine with each other forming little clouds of hair. Although my party habits as a student didn’t really help, and I had taken a bottle of these OTC testosterone boosters for fitness improvements, it was clearly androgenic Alopecia (genetically inherited). At that point I wasn’t aware that finasteride existed and I accepted the fact that I had started losing my hair.

This continued on for years and slowly my temples became more and more visible, and even the hair in the center at the front as well as on the top of my head was becoming thinner and you could see my scalp through. I was 27 years old, living in China, and decided to visit a hair transplant clinic in Europe during my holiday back home. I had an interview and screening with the doctor to determine my state of balding. For this he used a digital microscope to check up on my scalp and he told me many hair follicles were still intact, although they held less hairs and they were shorter and thinner. He suggested to try finasteride for 6 months first to see whether there are any improvements before deciding which areas could benefit from hair transplantation. He wrote a prescription for 180 capsules containing 1mg of finasteride each.

Not much later back in China I started taking the finasteride 1mg capsules, one each day. The first two weeks I noticed an increase in energy and libido (exactly the opposite that some other users report of) which faded away and back to my normal state. I also started shedding, in other words, even more hairs were falling out. The doctor at the hair transplant clinic told me this could occur and I shouldn’t worry as more and thicker hairs would grow back. Well, this is exactly what happened. My hair started to look healthier and the hairdresser commented (mostly in body language and Chinese I didn’t understand much of) that many short hairs were growing on my scalp. He suggested to cut my hair really short and after that I could clearly notice that bald spots became dense with hair again. I knew that if I wouldn’t lose more hair within several years I would have a head with hair that is very common for my age. But the regrowth of my hair in previously bold areas made it even better.

After using the 1mg finasteride capsules for 6 months I had to buy new supplies. The good thing is that in China finasteride is available without prescription at any reliable pharmacy chain. To save money I decided to buy 5mg finasteride tablets and split them into four pieces, having approximately 1.25mg of finasteride per piece. I would take one piece per day, and cut every four days one 5mg finasteride tablet. So averaging 5mg per four days, regardless of whether the four pieces were exactly the same.

I started shedding again. And to my surprise my hair regrowth improved even more. I’m still using this same regimen although only recently I started cutting the 5mg finasteride tablets into five pieces. At this moment I have been taking these finasteride tablets for 6 years without any side effects that I’m aware of. Only recently I had full bloodwork done for a new job, which is mandatory in China, and results were perfect.

With this experience and knowledge I helped friends around me, and I thought why not start an online shop making it possible for other men who experience hair loss to benefit from these finasteride tablets too. The patent on finasteride (Propecia and Proscar) has expired and large pharmaceutical companies in China have started producing these tablets, which can be bought at well established pharmacy chains throughout the city. As a result I’m able to help you too with your fight against hair loss by supplying pure pharmaceutical grade finasteride tablets of the highest attainable quality.

I hope this writing helps you with making your purchase decision.


Stay sharp and healthy!

– Webmaster at YVSO