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Are you at a loss and looking for an effective cure that can reduce your baldness? Use finasteride 1mg tablets. Staysharpandhealthy delivers finasteride from Proscar and Propecia of the best quality and guarantees that you are getting a good product for the best price. You can order the product through our website. We do not charge delivery costs.


A top class supplier

Staysharpandhealthy is not just the average supplier of finasteride 1mg tablets. We purchase the tablets ourselves from trusted suppliers and ensure that you get quality of a pure product. With our tablets 1mg you are also sure to dose correctly. You can order our products easily via our webshop for the best prices that you could imagine. With our 1mg tablets, you can be sure that you are holding the holy grail as remedy for your baldness.


Why use this remedy?

Finasteride is a well-known medicine used for various conditions. Besides being a treatment for hair loss, the drug is also used for prostate problems. If you use 5mg tablets the drug will make sure that the prostate will become smaller. The other use of the drug is-of course-to combat male baldness (androgenetic alopecia). In the treatment of baldness, the dose is 1 mg. You can also purchase the tablets of 5mg and break it into five pieces to get an appropriate dosage.


How does this medicine work?

Our finasteride 1mg tablets have an inhibitory effect on the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme contributes to the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Both testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) have androgenic effects and contribute to the masculinization. With DHT this effect is particularly strong. With a too high concentration of DHT, the hair will be thinner and also hair loss will start to occur. Our finasteride 1mg tablets make sure DHT will be less active in the scalp, thereby reducing the occurrence of hair loss.


Order your tablets easy via our webshop

Are you about to pull out your hair? Then order the best and cheapest finasteride 1mg tablets on our website. We will make sure that you have the tablets at home as soon as possible and you can then experience how well this drug may work against your baldness. We do not charge delivery fees for the tablets. So you pay exactly the amount shown in the cart at our online shop.



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