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Do you suffer from baldness and are you looking for a drug that can effectively combat this? Then order finasteride 5mg tablets via the webshop of Staysharpandhealthy. We have Topfond Generic 5mg tablets in our assortment of the highest quality and guarantee that you will get a high quality product that debunks your baldness also known under the scientific name androgenetic alopecia. Ordering is easy via the online shop and we guarantee that you will get the finasteride tablets quickly delivered. Now grab the opportunity and stop your hair loss immediately.


We supply only the best

Staysharpandhealthy does not scrutinize careful deliberation when we offer finasteride 5mg tablets. We offer only the best products and to do that over and over again we set a price that can compete with the best offers. You can count on us to get your tablets in pure pharmaceutical form which meet all requirements. Do not hesitate and make sure your baldness no longer continues by using our finasteride tablets 5mg of high quality.


When should you take this medicine?

Finasteride is a drug that is used to reduce the prostate in men and in order to prevent baldness in men. It is available since 1992 under different brand names such as Propecia and Proscar. The drug has been used since the introduction successfully to reduce and completely halter hair loss in men. Nevertheless, possible adverse effects should be taken into account.


How does this medicine work?

Finasteride has a regulatory effect on the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The enzyme 5-alpha-reductase ensures that the hormone testosterone cannot be converted to dihydrotestosterone. Both hormones affect the virility and hair loss but for the last one, also known as DHT, this is true in a much higher extent.


Use 5mg as a substitute for 1mg tablets

You can also use these Finasteride 5mg tablets as a substitute for the 1mg tablets. The normal dosage for the drug is 1 mg. You can simply break the 5mg tablets into four equal parts to get the appropriate dosage accordingly.


Order now simply your tablets via our online shop

You don’t want to pull yourself your hair out wondering how to combat baldness? Then order finasteride 5mg tablets on our website. We offer Topfond Generic, Generic, Generic Proscar 5mg tablets at the best prices and guarantee that your order will be delivered as soon as possible.



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