The side effects of finasteride

Are you using  finasteride tablets? Then it’s important to also know the side effects of this remedy for baldness. Because the tablets may work well against baldness, there are some things you should pay attention to when using these tablets daily. Finasteride and its side effects are not known to everyone so it is important that you read this article properly.


What is finasteride exactly

The product is a well-known medicament in order to reduce the prostate in men. The agent has an inhibiting effect on the enzyme 5-alpha reductase therefore blocking the conversion of the male hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The latter hormone, which is also known as DHT, increases in general the prostate by small amounts which can lead to complaints by many men. Finasteride 5mg causes the prostate to decrease in its size.


Also active on the scalp

DHT, in addition, also has the disadvantage that it has androgenic properties on the scalp and androgenetic alopecia-which is hair loss-may result. It enlarges the hair follicles, and as a result hair loss occurs. After some time, therefore, it is found out that finasteride tablets also works against baldness. It significantly reduces the possibility that hair loss will occur in men.


What are the main side effects of finasteride

Finasteride (Generic) has side effects such as an increased risk of impotence by 1.1% to 18% of users, the lack of ejaculation in approximately 7% of users and a reduced sperm production. The latter occurs in about 1 to 2.8% of the users. Other side effects include gynecomastia, other ejaculatory disorders, pain in the testicles and decreased libido. There are allegations that the drug might increase the risk of breast cancer but real scientific evidence is not found here. When permanent finasteride side effects occur then it is referred to as Post-Finasteride Syndrome.


Let yourself be well informed and take quality

To avoid finasteride side effects it is important that you collect good information and handle the medication with care if you have any doubts. Also make sure that you always buy pure quality which ensures that you are not getting unknown and unwanted symptoms.


Order only the pure quality

Have you collected enough information and you have decided to use the drug then order quality products on the website of Staysharpandhealthy. We provide no counterfeits but only the original drug.

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