Put an end to your hair loss

Do you suffer from hair loss and want to grab a full head of hair again? Try our finasteride tablets. Hair loss may be fought very well with finasteride because the drug reduces the DHT concentration on your scalp and thereby reducing hair loss. The higher the concentration of DHT on your scalp is, the faster hair loss will occur. With the tablets from Staysharpandhealthy you can be assured that the loss of your hair will be a lot less. Ordering is easy through our website and you have the tablets after your order as soon as possible at home.


We only go for the best tablets

At Staysharpandhealthy we make careful considerations when buying the tablets. We only go for the best tablets of Propecia and Proscar. Hair loss can be combated with finasteride when the tablets are pure and of top quality. We guarantee the top quality and purity for our finasteride tablets. Your hair loss will certainly reduce a lot when you use our 1mg tablets.


Used for which disorders

Finasteride is a drug that is widely used to reduce the prostate. Men who get in a later stage of life and suffer from their prostate have since the introduction of the drug really benefited from this drug. After some time, however, it was found out that the drug also has other benefits. Fighting against hair loss with finasteride showed to be working very well. Since science is aware of this drug effect it is frequently applied to reduce androgenetic alopecia (hair loss) in men.


What is the exact effect of the drug

Finasteride has a direct influence on the prostate. The drug reduces the prostate by inhibiting the growth of the DHT hormone. This hormone, which also is referred to dihydrotestosterone, is controlled by the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase and testosterone and ensures that the prostate is doing its work. The result is that the amount of DHT decreases, in most cases. It works basically the same way on the scalp because the DHT hormone is also active on the scalp and is causing hair loss.


Order quickly and easily via our website

Do not worry any longer about your hair and order quickly our top class tablets via the online shop. Your hair loss can be halted with finasteride. Make use of the quality of our tablets and have them battle your hair loss, with our tablets as the winner.

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